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We are Now on Technorati….a Blog Search Engine – You Can Make Us One of Your FAVORITES!

Google is a general search engine ……and Technorati is a BLOG Search Engine.  You can use it to search all kinds of different and interesting blogs.

First, make sure you are signed in to Technorati (if you do not have an account with Technorati – you can get one for free!) and then type in “Visionary Eyecare” in to the Search box on the top right of the page.  It will take you to a “Results” page and you will see 4 tabs….Posts, Blogs, Photos, Videos.  Click on the “Blogs” tab and you will see our “Visionary Eyecare’s Blog: “The Eye Journal” listed.

Click on the BRIGHT PINK BUTTON that says “Fave This” and now we are one of your Favorite Blogs in your Technorati account!

OR you can “Favorite” Us in Technorati….by clicking on the button below…..or the button at the top of the column to the right (make sure you are logged in to Technorati FIRST….before you click on the button)!

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