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Children’s School Problems May Be Caused by Undetected Vision Problems

Click on the above “Fuzzi” banner to see a Video for you

and your child to view together…

Often children can not express to adults that they may be having problems with their vision. They may not even realize that their vision is blurry or “Fuzzy”.  They may be falling behind or having trouble in school…for an “unknown” reason.  That “unknown” reason may be due to possible vision problems – even if they are able to PASS the Vision Screening at school or at the Pediatrician’s office.

Click on the “Fuzzi is having trouble at School” banner above and you can watch the video with your child.   It may open up a discussion between you and your child about his or her vision.  If your child can identify with the problems that “Fuzzi” is having at school – then its time for your child to have a comprehensive eye examination.