Carol Marsh-Urquhart (at Visionary Eyecare in Pembroke Pines) Helps a Local Child in Need…In More Ways Than One!

Our Lead Technician, Carol Marsh-Urquhart and her very special friend, Corey

Two 11 year old kids – Corey and Alliston –  came into the Visionary Eyecare Office in Pembroke Pines… they were selling candy  TO BUY THEIR OWN school supplies when our lead tech, Carol Marsh-Urquhart, was in charge. Carol was so touched by their humbleness and exuberant entrepreneurial energy in finding a way to buy their own school supplies that she thought of ANOTHER WAY to help them get their supplies.
She contacted her church – Christ The Rock in Cooper City – and inquired about any program that would help kids in need. Carol was able to get 2 book bags filled with school supplies for the two youngsters.  She then called the kids, Corey and Alliston, who were extremely happy to FINALLY have their school supplies!!!
During this encounter, Carol also had noticed that Corey had a very severe and cosmetically troublesome eye turn and thought about ways in which she could help him with his problem – maybe there was a way that she could help him get his eyes properly aligned….
Carol spoke with our Eye Doctor, then connected him with Nova Optometry Pediatric Department for his specialized optometrist eye exam and then connected him with the Lenscrafters OneSight Program so he was able to get a new pair of glasses.
Carol also was able to contact a local  Pediatric Ophthalmologist,  Dr Bruce Miller,  for Corey. After a couple of visits to the Ophthalmologist, surgery is now scheduled to correct Corey’s eye turn. Corey’s mother had absolutely NO IDEA that her son’s eye turn could be resolved – she thought that Corey was just born that way and that nothing could be done about this very cosmetic eye turn problem.  She thought that Corey would have to live with his eye turn forever.
Corey and his mother are now eternally thankful to Visionary Eyecare’s lead tech, Carol, for helping her son to be able to live his life without this troublesome eye turn – called strabismus.

18 responses to “Carol Marsh-Urquhart (at Visionary Eyecare in Pembroke Pines) Helps a Local Child in Need…In More Ways Than One!

  1. I know eye supplements can help with general eye health, but are they recommended for serious problems?

  2. It is so kind of you. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you.

  3. This is a truly touching story-great to read about during the holidays. Glad there are people out there who are willing to help out soo much.

  4. Oh wow. What a heart warming story. Thanks for sharing and glad there are people like this out there.

  5. This is such a lovely story! People like this who are willing to make difference. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Thank you for sharing this story. Especially during a time of what seems to be endless “bad” news, its nice to hear the other side as well. I hope that Corey is doing well.

  7. Glad to have more people like Carol in this lovely world

  8. Never ever believed I would discover the info, This is fairly a warning to all of us.It is very nice to know we have very good helping people like you.

    Thanks for sharing the story, I stumbled onto your blog

  9. Great post. It is amazing how much good people can do with a little effort and a big heart. I have seen a lot of local medical professionals are willing to do service they just need someone to help organize and present it.

  10. What kind of serious problems do you mean…..?? Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Eye Cancer, Brain Tumors…..these are all pretty serious problems and a yearly eye exam CAN help detect these types of systemic problems. An eye exam is NOT just about eye health……its about your systemic health as well.

  11. Im proud to hear that still exist people who cares with others!

    You do great job and certainly you have cared enough for lots of people!

    My congratulations! Keep up the blog!


  12. its nice to hear such a heart warming story… mostly all you ever read online is bad news.

  13. This is a great story. It’s a good thing that Corey and his mother came to the right place at the right time. Good job!

  14. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea. Many people will like this…

  15. Vision is the most important gift by God to us. hence to keep it healthy and sharp we should indulge in periodic checkups and also improve our diets. i hope Corey is doing well. God bless her and also for people who have big hearts 🙂

  16. This is a great story. Pro bono work should be more celebrated. 75% of eye problems are treatable, we should not have a problem with getting good care to children.

  17. Nice to see that philanthropy is alive and well. I think we can all take something away from this story.

  18. I wonder that female like Carol still exists in today’s world full of selffish giants. The exclusive way that she helped the two hapless kids to get back health by taking them to doctors deserve standing ovation. In true sense healthy society starts with good thinking and not just physical fitness. Thanks buddy!

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