Video Testimonial – A Mother Speaks From the Heart About Her 5 Year Old Son and How an Eye Exam Changed His Life

This is a story of how an eye exam can actually change the course of a child’s life.

Jennifer is a loving mother of an 5 year old little boy.  Her son is absolutely adorable and a really good child yet, in school  he was being labeled a “difficult / problem child” and a “disturbance in the classroom”. He often did not want to pay attention in school, frequently “acted out” and even threw his books.  He just did not seem to be interested in reading or learning – at ALL.

As a mother, she knew that this behavior in school seemed a bit odd and out of character for the sweet, loving boy that she knew her son to be at home.  The comments from the school really alarmed Jennifer that something was definitely wrong.

Her young son had passed his Pediatrician’s vision screening, AS WELL AS the school vision screening but, acting on motherly instinct – she ignored the comments that “his vision is fine” and took him to see the Optometrist, Dr Dawn Bearden, for a routine eye exam.  Eye Doctor,  Dr Bearden,  manages the Visionary Eyecare (Independent Doctor of Optometry) offices next to Lenscrafters in Pembroke Pines and Sunrise and also next to Pearle Vision in Davie.

During the routine eye examinationDr Bearden discovered that Jennifer’s son was able to read the eye chart with just a little bit of blur but, he needed eyeglasses to correct the strain that he was feeling while reading.  Once the strain was relieved from wearing the glasses full time…the child suddenly became more attentive in school and began reading ALL THE TIME.

Actually, he loved reading SO MUCH that he won an award from his kindergarten teacher for reading!!  He even received an award from the school’s Principal for “Most Improved Reader”…he actually read 26 books within 30 days.  WOW!!

Jennifer is now a HUGE advocate to have children get eye exams from an eye doctor and for parents NOT to be lulled into complacency by their child passing a vision screening.  Her child could have gone through life in the classroom being labeled a “problem” and a “disturbance” simply because he could not see well and his eyes were being strained in school.

Jennifer states the following in her video:

No matter how well a parent THINKS their child sees well or if a child is labeled a “problem” in the classroom because he does not pay attention…it may just be because he can’t see well.

The eye exam has made a HUGE difference and my son has excelled, he is doing wonderful and his behavior is like “night and day”!

“I’m a big ADVOCATE…get your child checked by a (eye care) professional!!”







9 responses to “Video Testimonial – A Mother Speaks From the Heart About Her 5 Year Old Son and How an Eye Exam Changed His Life

  1. Ross Goukler, OD

    FANTASTIC! I’m going to share this (hope you don’t mind!) This is the basic stuff you do every day but people need to hear about. Thanks for sharing!

  2. EXACTLY – this type of story happens ALL THE TIME but, unfortunately – nobody ever hears about it.

    Now with the power of the internet, blogging and social media – we have the ability to educate the public about the importance of early and regular eye care….it actually can change your life or the life of someone you LOVE.

  3. Eye exams are very important and so many people don’t take their kids in, I’m as guilty as the next. My son actually needs glasses i think, I really need to get an appointment made asap.

  4. Talia-

    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you were inspired to take your son in to get an eye exam!!! That is what this blog is all about – educating people about the importance of eye care – especially in children!

    Its so sad that many parents are lulled into complacency because their child passed a vision screening at school or at the pediatrician. Unfortunately, so many problems go undetected by these screenings….its important for children to see an eye doctor every year to ensure good eye and visual health.

  5. I enjoy all your articles and look forward to more!

    Thanks for sharing with us

  6. This is a very good lesson for the other mothers who has difficult / problem child. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  7. smithaged –

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    It is very good lesson for mothers and fathers – both parents – to bring your child to see an eye doctor EVEN IF they have passed the school vision screening or Pediatrician vision screening. This is ESPECIALLY true if the child has been labeled in school as “difficult” or “learning delayed” or “ADD”….it may just be an undiagnosed vision problem that the screenings missed!!

    A vision screening is NOT an eye exam and can miss many SIGNIFICANT vision problems which can lead to behavioral and learning problems in school.

    An eye exam can change your child’s life!!

    ~ Dr Dawn Bearden

  8. I saw this on Youtube. We have two kids (12 and 14) and we do NOT get regular eye exams for them.

    I guess that might just change. It’s summer and they’re not in school, so I guess we have no excuses.

  9. Ed –

    Thanks for coming to our blog and leaving a comment! I’m so glad that after seeing the video of Jennifer speaking about her son….that you will be inspired to get annual eye care for your own children.

    This is what our blog is all about…educating people about the impact of eye care. It CAN actually change someone’s life. Many eye problems do NOT cause symptoms – so its best to see your eye doctor yearly to get a comprehensive exam.

    Write back and let me know how your children’s eye exams turned out! Remember to also get annual eye exams for yourself and your spouse as well…

    ~~ Dr Dawn Bearden

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