New FDA Approved Product – Latisse – Produces Longer, Thicker and Darker Eyelashes


The FDA has recently approved Latisse – which is a new ophthalmic medication that is available only by prescription. The medication is used only once daily and applied to the base of the lashes to make your eyelashes longer, darker and thicker. Most patients see a marked improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes in about 2 months time. If you are interested, when you go in for your yearly eye examination – just ask your eye doctor about Latisse and they can write you a prescription for it.

Latisse is used to aesthetically enhance the eyelash prominance and can used by people who have inadequate or not enough lash growth or thin/short lashes.

Before and After Latisse

Before and After Latisse

You must continue to use Latisse to maintain the effect of long, dark, thick eyelashes. If you discontinue the medication, in a few months the lashes will return to the state that they were in prior to treatment due to the average eyelash hair growth cycle.

Some possible side effects include darkening of the skin where the medication is applied, eye redness and eye itching and also a darkening of the colored part of your eye (the iris).  These side effects occur in about 3-5% of the patients treated with Latisse.






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