Poll – What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

Here at Visionary Eyecare we are always curious to know your opinions…. we love hearing from you!!

So tell us….what is your favorite eye color??

Click on the poll box above to cast your vote…







6 responses to “Poll – What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

  1. Thanks for the fun topic! I have brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes. (My favorite color!) Do you believe all five of my children inherited my eye color…brown! I thought for sure my fifth baby would have had blue eyes like my husband. I know I carry the gene. My father had blue eyes and came from a family of seven–all with baby blue eyes. What are the odds of that happening? 🙂

  2. I dont have a favourite eye colour… all eyes are beautiful! That said, a dark brown or deep blue are probably equally the best. And big eyes always look more attractive.

  3. Janet –

    If you have brown eyes and your dad has blue eyes ( then you have a dominant brown gene and a recessive blue gene)….and your hubby has blue eyes (2 recessive blue genes) – then if I remember my genetics class (from a billion years ago) then each child that you have has a 50% chance of getting blue eyes. Pretty much a coin toss!!

    Wow….and all 5 kids got brown huh?? Well…you are definitely due for the one with the blue eyes – so when are you planning to get pregnant again!??!?!


  4. Ben –

    I agree that all eyes ARE beautiful!!

    How lucky am I that I get to take care of them for my patients every day?!?!

    Yes, I agree that big eyes are definitely more attractive…

    Did you vote in the poll box for your favorite eye color?

    If you had to choose to look at someone with deep brown eyes or dark blue eyes – which would you choose??

  5. Big brown eyes are the best I recon, they are soft and loving and sweet

  6. Hi Dr. Bearden! Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to try for that baby with blue eyes but I was outnumbered…and we got a puppy instead! He’s a cute silky terrier…with BROWN eyes!

    Regarding the odds of eyes, what are the odds that four-out-my-five children need glasses in my family? And I had perfect vision until I hit that age when I needed “readers.” Maybe it’s God’s way of keeping me involved with children’s vision? 🙂

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