Child Eye Exam Prior to Entering School – New Eye Exam Law in Illinois

Kudos to Illinois for leading the way in children’s vision care!!!

Illinois recently passed a law that intends for ALL children to receive a comprehensive eye examination from an Eye Doctor before entering school – so no child from Illinois will fall between the cracks of the “vision screen” system.   Here in South Florida at Visionary Eyecare, we see WAY too many children that have significant visual problems that were simply NOT picked up on these school or pediatrician vision screenings.   When a child has a vision problem and it is not detected and treated early enough – this can lead to a LIFETIME of vision problems.

Please click on the above picture to sign a petition to fully support this legistlation by incorporating a Vision First Exam Form.  This exam form will insure that the children are receiving very thorough and comprehensive eye exams from an Eye Dr  before they attend school.

We want to support Illinois  every step of the way so hopefully they will support Florida on day in passing similar legislation one day for our children!!


For more information please visit:

Vision First Foundation:

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2 responses to “Child Eye Exam Prior to Entering School – New Eye Exam Law in Illinois

  1. Thank you, Dr. Bearden, for the post! When I learned vision screenings missed what an eye exam found, I took action. Today Illinois leads the nation with “Amy’s Law” and a required eye exam before starting school. Every state across the nation needs these same laws.

    I hope your readers will sign our petition by October 18, 2008. The Vision First form brings meaning and purpose to an eye exam. No child should experience school with an uncorrected vision problem.

    Thanks again, Dr. Bearden, for your help and support. It’s great eye doctors like you that make a difference in the eyes of a child!

  2. Janet –

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    You are a true leader in the cause of vision care for children. Thanks to you, Amy’s Law was created, passed and now ensures children will receive a comprehensive eye examination before they enter school.

    So many children around the country are in school right now with significant visual conditions that were missed on school or pediatrician vision screenings. These vision conditions can really negatively impact a child’s ability to learn. Some of these children have even been classified as “learning disabled” or “behavior problems” – due to an undiagnosed vision problem!!

    I support you in your cause to ensure children are getting the vision care and all of the comprehensive eye testing that they deserve.

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