History of Vision Correction…Do You Know Who Invented the Bifocal??

Did you know that in 20AD a Roman named Seneca looked thru a globe of water in order to help him magnify the print in the ancient Roman Books?

Did you know that in 60 AD the Roman Emperor Nero wore eyeglasses with LENSES made of EMERALDS to view the gladiator games?

Did you know that in China (around 1430AD )judges used to darken their glasses for the purpose of concealing their eye expressions in court?

Did you know that in the late 1600’s they used to keep glasses on their noses by using silk ribbons tied to the rims of the glasses and then hung the ribbons over their ears….with weights on the end to help keep them in place?

Did you know that in the 1700’s wealthy American colonists would search through basketfuls of spectacles imported from Europe to find the ONE pair of glasses that had the right prescription in them?    Did you know that they paid as much as $200 PER PAIR for their glasses…in the 1700’s ?!?!?

Do you know who invented the Bifocal Lens??

CLICK HERE to view



(The ABOVE link requires FLASH to operate properly – if you do NOT have FLASH on your computer, you can get it for FREE by clicking the link below)

Interactive timeline provided by www.eyedidntknowthat.info






2 responses to “History of Vision Correction…Do You Know Who Invented the Bifocal??

  1. I believe it’s Benjamin Franklin.

    He got tired of switching between two different pairs of glasses for near and far vision!

    What a genius…

    : )

  2. Nope….it was not Benjamin Frankin….but that is a good guess and that is what I thought also….until I viewed the interactive timeline.

    To find out the correct answer….Go back to the post and to “CLICK HERE to View the Interactive Timeline of Vision Correction”.

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