Children’s Vision Screening Vs. Comprehensive Eye Exam

There are approximately 4 million children entering school each year.  3.4 million of them will enter school WITHOUT a comprehensive vision and eye health examination.

Many times children may be unaware that they are experiencing any vision problems and thus do not tell their parents they may be having issues with their vision.

A Vision Screening – either done at school or a Pediatrician’s office – is NOT a substitute for a complete eye health and vision evaluation by an eye doctor (either an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist).

Its important for parents to remember that Vision Screenings are NOT eye exams.  A Vision Screening will only determine if a child may be at risk for decreased vision.  It will not determine what the issue is and it does not treat the issue.

A comprehensive eye exam will determine the child’s precise vision, will evaluate how the two eyes work together and most importantly it will check the child’s eye health.  Most eye health issues (like retinal holes or tumors in the eye) may NOT cause any symptoms – until it is too late.

Vision Screenings often give parents a false sense of security because many children may have visual problems or eye health issues and still be able to PASS a vision screening.

Vision problems in children should be diagnosed and treated as EARLY as possible to prevent lifelong visual complications.  Many potentially permenant vision problems, such as lazy eye (amblyopia), can be prevented AND corrected if caught and treated early enough.






2 responses to “Children’s Vision Screening Vs. Comprehensive Eye Exam

  1. Thank you so much, Dr. Bearden, for posting this important video on your great blog.

    You’re right about vision screenings—they give parents a false sense of security. I didn’t think my daughter needed an eye exam because she passed her vision screenings!

    Ha! Amy’s first eye exam found high refractive error that vision screenings missed!

    May no other child struggle in school. Thank you again, Dr. Bearden, for your support of eye exams for children.

    You’re making a difference in the eyes of a child!

    Janet Hughes
    Vision First Foundation

  2. Very interesting post and just like Janet Hughes I really liked the video !! Thanks for this 🙂

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